I shoot to document your day.

I am not here to just take some “pretty” photos of your day. I am here to document your day. To tell a story, to help you remember those memories of your day. Capture the love you are expressing to your spouse. Capturing those tears that dad or mom sheds when they are seeing their children walk down the aisle. Capturing those memories that you will look back in 2, 5, 10 years from now and laugh or tear up about your day.

I want to be that photographer that will capture those moments and details that you may have missed throughout your day. Your guests. The nieces and nephews chasing each other, the look your father gives when he is walking you down the aisle, the tears your loved ones shed when you are giving your heartfelt speech. This allows you to not worry about the day, and letting you living in the moment and being surprised in the end when your images are being delivered to you.

I am more than just your photographer.

If you allow me, I want help alleviate the stresses of planning your wedding. I can help planning the timeline, to help have things run smoothly, sending a list of referrals of amazing vendors to help achieve the look you are going for your day. I’m here to help you out. Even on the day-of, I will help you achieve the best possible day ever. By running across the venue to get your bouquet, picking up your dress so it doesn’t drag, holding all your accessories so you don’t need to worry. You may think, of that’s really nothing, but really, on the day-of you don’t need to worry!

About My Style

The number one thing that most couples ask their photographer is what kind of photographer they are. Meaning their style. A lot of them will say, “Lifestyle, Documentary, Fine Art, Photojournalism, Creative Portraiture”. Even though, I classified myself as “Lifestyle” Photographer, doesn’t mean that is my sole approach when it comes to weddings.

Weddings you need a little bit of everything. And that is what I exactly do my friends. Weddings are different when it comes to your typical portrait session.

You have that little bit of Editorial, and that simply just for taking details. From your dress/suit, to your jewelry, accessories, invitations, etc.

I love to stylized these and capture all those little details in a beautiful light setting and make sure it is all perfect, that you worked so hard to make/buy to make your vision complete! As well, if there is a chance that we are experimenting some creative light with your portraits, we will pose you in a way to add that dramatic flair.

Posed Portraits is your usual family portraits. These are your typical portraits that everyone loves!

These photos usually never go out of style as these are typically the ones most people go back to from years to come.

Lightly Posed/Lifestyle Portraits. This category usually falls only when we do portraits of you guys! I don’t like the typical, “Look at the Camera and smile!” I mean it's always nice to have a few of those and we usually grab a few. A lot of my couples tell me they are not always comfortable in front of the camera, and they are awkward. Which is fine, let that awkwardness shine! Though to help make my couples more at ease, I will typically set them up in a pose and will tell them to interact with each other. Give them cues and prompts to get those genuine reactions. Usually once the couples become relax, they will start doing their own thing and make their portraits one of a kind!

Candid/Documentary. Usually this is what everyone wants. Those genuine laughter from when your Brother says an embarrassing story from your days growing up in his speech. Mom’s tears when she tells you how of an amazing human you have become growing up. Your best friend busting a move on the dance floor. Hugging your sister or brother just before you get all dressed up. I am there capturing those moments without any direction. Simply documenting your day how it unfolds.

If you think I’m the right Photographer for you, lets chat!

Half-Day Coverage start at $2200 +hst

Full Day Coverage start at $2600 +hst

Eloping or needing a smaller package? I can help create a custom packages for those smaller intimate weddings! Contact me today for more information.